Where to download Free Fonts from?


I'm a Web designer and desktop publisher and I need free fonts to use in my commercial projects. Are there any font repositories I can use to download 100% free fonts for use in Web and off-line publishing?


You have several options here:

  • Google Fonts API should be your first choice. They give you 100% free fonts you can use in your web projects. You don't have to download them to your server. Simply use the @import CSS directive and you're all set.
  • FontSquirrel.com gives you a wide selection of free fonts you can use for both online and off-line projects. Make sure to check license for each font you download because they vary.
  • DaFont.com is an excellent repository for free and commercial fonts. Again, check the license agreement for each font to make sure you can use it commercially. There are tons of 100% free fonts there, thou.
  • The League of Movable Type is a movement that encourages free use of fonts for both private and commercial purposes. On the website http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com there is a wide selection of free fonts you can use for any purpose and in any of your projects. Before downloading your font, you can take a look at the preview for each font. For those interested in detailed license terms, there is a link on the very bottom to the license document.