Useful keyboard shortcuts on iPhone


Can you give me some handy keyboard shortcuts for iPhone I can use to type quicker and easier?


There is a ton of useful iPhone keyboard shortcuts. We list some of the most useful shortcuts below:

  • Quickly adding a period
    Double-tab space key to add a period and capitalize next word.
  • Type special symbols and non-English characters
    Hold a letter similar to the one you want to type in a foreign language and select the letter. E.g. holding u will allow you to select German ΓΌ letter.
  • Toggle Caps-Lock
    Double-tap shift key to turn Caps-Lock on and off.
  • Typing domain names
    .com domain key is available in the standard keyboard layout, but by holding that key you can select many various domains to speed up your typing, e.g., .org, .net and others.
  • Apostrophes
    iPhone keyboard can automatically spell-check words for you as it can add apostrophes automatically when needed. E.g. if you type theyre it will automatically convert to they're.