Most useful Photoshop keyboard shortcuts


I rely on Photoshop heavily in my work and I'd like to learn the most common and most useful keyboard shortcuts. Can you make a cheat sheet with all shortcuts listed?


Keyboard shortcuts can make your work with Photoshop projects faster and more efficient.

Replace unnecessary mouse clicking with these secret PSP shortcuts and see how much quicker your image editing will be.

Many novice Photoshop users and experts alike seem to overlook the fact, that this most widely used image editing software on the planet comes with a vast collection of keyboard shortcuts for almost every function and tool it contains. Imagine, how much easier your life would be if you could skip all the mouse movements and clicks by pressing a single keyboard key.

In this tutorial we're showing you Photoshop shortcuts that are in our opinion the most useful and underestimated.

Once you've learned them, you won't believe you could have lived without them before. We are very well aware of the fact that acquiring the shortcuts involves some learning curve, but rest assured it's worth the effort. After some time using the shortcuts will become your second nature and you will start using them intuitively speeding up your work by hundreds of times.

Please note that the selection of shortcuts presented in this tutorial is just a fraction of the vast collection of shortcuts the Photoshop image editor has to offer. Some of the shortcuts listed here have also been covered in the video tutorial that is available at the end of the reading. Enjoy watching!

Going beyond the basics

Now you know a decent set of basic shortcuts used in your everyday work, e.g. T for Type tool or C for Crop tool, it's peak time to take your Photoshop experience to a completely new level learning a bunch of new shortcuts that, I promise, will surprise you turning out to be extremely handy and useful.

I grouped the shortcuts into topical sections, so that you can easily find shortcuts for Tools, Layers, Effects and so on.

If you don't find a shortcut here you know yourself and think it could be useful for other readers, please leave a comment below the article and I will update this shortcut table as soon as I receive your comments.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts:

Function and/or Tool Keyboard Shortcut
Basic tools shortcuts
Move tool V
Marquee tool M
Lasso tool L
Selection tool W
Crop tool / Slice tool C
Eyedropper, color, ruler, count tool I
Healing / patch tool J
Brush / pencil tool B
Stamp tool S
History brush tool Y
Eraser tool E
Gradient tool G
Dodge / burn tool O
Pen tool P
Type tool T
Path selection tool A
Rectangle / line / shape / elipse / polygon tool U
3D manipulation tool K
3D view tool N
Hand tool H
Switch secondary tool of the currently selected tool Shift+Tool Key
e.g. Shift+U
Working with layers shortcuts
Create new layer Shift+Ctrl+N
Copy (duplicate) selected layer Ctrl+J
Merge current layer down Ctrl+E
Delete currently selected layer Delete Key
Fill layer with selected foreground color Alt+Backspace
Remove color information from layer Shift+Ctrl+U
Instantaneously create new layer (with standard parameters) Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N
Select next blending mode for layer Shift+ "+"
Select previous blending mode for layer Shift+ "-"
Working with Groups shortcuts
Create new group from selected layers Ctrl+G
Working with Masks shortcuts
Switch to Quick Mask mode Q
Color selection shortcuts
Toggle background / foreground colors X
Reset default colors (black and white) D
Selection and areas shortcuts
Fill selection with current color Alt+Backspace
Program windows and views shortcuts
Hide / unhide all windows but project window Tab
Hide / unhide right-hand side Photoshop windows Shift+Tab