How to view Norton 360 monthly reports


I'd like to have a look at the monthly security reports generated by Norton 360 to review my security history. How can I do it?


Norton 360 records the history of your protection status, threats removed and all tasks it performs. The activity history is stored for later evaluation and you can view it in the form of handy monthly reports.

Norton Monthly Reports include the following information:

  • History of your security circumstances
  • Identity Protection reports
  • PC tuneup and performance optimization history
  • Backup reports and history

You can view the Norton Monthly Reports by clicking the View Monthly Report option in the main window. Norton 360 also provides usage statistics for each task performed.

To view statistics history click the Current Activity button.

To review statistics for the last 30 days click Last Month. Click Install to Date to view Norton statistics from the time you installed the product until the last day of the previous month.

When you have finished viewing your Monthly Reports, click Close.