How to use Norton Quarantine


How to use the Norton Quarantine feature and how to restore quarantined files that are in the Norton quarantine?


Norton's Security History Quarantine is designed to temporarily isolate infected items from the system layer. Infected files moved to the Quarantine cannot spread or infect other computers.

Adding Items to the Quarantine

If you suspect an infected file, but Norton didn't recognize this item as a threat, you can place it in the Quarantine manually.

To do this, use the Add to Quarantine option in the Quarantine view in the Security History window. With this feature, you can manually browse files on disk to find the suspicious file.

When you have located the file, check the Remove file from disk box to have the file moved to Quarantine. Finally, click Add and Close to exit Security History window.

Restoring Items from the Quarantine

Items can also be restored from the Quarantine at any time. You might want to restore quarantined items, when you think they are false-positives or when they are critical to an application important to you.

To restore a quarantined item open the Security History Window in the Quarantine view and select the item. Now click More Details > Restore & Exclude > Yes > Close.

Selected item has been restored from the Quarantine.Removing Items from the QuarantineIf you're 100% sure you don't need an item any longer, you can remove it from the Quarantine.

Please note, that this will permanently and irrecoverably remove the given file. Use this option with care.

To delete an item permanently from the Quarantine, go to the Security History Window in the Quarantine View and click More Details > Remove From History > Yes.Selected item(s) will be deleted.