How to use AVG Resident Shield


How can I use the AVG Resident Shield feature and what is it for?


AVG Resident Shield is a real-time protection layer included in your AVG anti-virus program, that continuously monitors your PC's memory and files for threats.

AVG Resident Shield blocks viruses, spyware and other malware as you work and displays a warning threats are found.

Resident Shield also monitors all files downloaded or opened, applications run and scripts executed by a Web browser, so that a threat can be detected at the point of entry.

AVG Resident Shield runs quietly in the background, and it only displays a warning when a threat is detected. It also keeps track of the files scanned, so that scans aren't repeated until the file changes. This saves resoures and allows the Resident Shield to work relatively quickly.

The Resident Shield component is loaded into the computer's memory during startup, and it is recommended to not turn it off, unless you know what you are doing.

If, however, for some reason you wish to remove resident shield, you can do so from the component configuration window. AVG Resident Shield scans removable media, files of specific types, including executables, and it also allows you to define a list of files and folders that should be excluded from scans.

You can access Resident Shield settings from the AVG component overview window.