How to use AVG command line scan


I know there is a command line scan feature in AVG Antivirus and AVG Internet Security. Can you give me the list of options I can use for virus scanning in the text mode using AVG command line scan?


AVG command line scanning allows advanced users to run anti-virus scans directly from the command prompt or customized scripts. Command line scan in AVG offers most of the features available in the graphical interface.

To run command line scan, enter the command prompt (click Windows Start > Run > type cmd and press Enter), chdir to your AVG installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8) and type the following command:

  • avgscanx for Windows 32-bit
  • avgscana for Windows 64-bit

Type avgscanx /HELPor avgscana /HELPfor help. You can provide multiple parameters at a given time.

AVG Command Line Scan Parameters

Below is a non-comprehensive list of the AVG Command Line Scan parameters. Use /HELP parameter for a complete list.

  • /SCAN /[PATH] - specify path(s) to be scanned
  • /COMP - scan entire computer
  • /HEUR - use heuristics
  • /EXCLUDE - exclude files or path from the scan
  • /EXT=[DLL,EXE,COM] - scan only files with the listed extensions
  • /NOEXT=[GIF,PNG] - omit files with listed extensions from scan
  • /ARC - scan archives
  • /CLEAN - recursively clean all threats found
  • /TRASH - move infected files to the Virus Vault
  • /QT - run a quick scan of the system
  • /MACROW - report macros
  • /PWDW - report password-protected files

You can cancel scan process at any time by pressing Ctrl+C while the command window is active.