How to turn off Norton Community Watch


I want to deactivate Norton Community Watch because I don't want any data to be transmitted from my computer to Norton. How can I turn Norton Community Watch off?


Unless you opted out during installation, Norton Community Watch is turned on by default in Norton 360 and remains active all the time until you deactivate it.

Norton Community Watch allows Symantec engineers gather information about new viruses and users' online behavior, so that they can track new threats more accurately and release new virus updates more frequently.

It is therefore recommended, to leave Norton Community Watch turned on. If for some reason, you wish to turn Norton Community Watch off, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Settings in the Norton 360 main window
  2. Click Administrative Settings in the Settings window, under Detailed Settings
  3. Now to turn Norton Community Watch off, move the On / Off switch to the right until it shows Off
  4. Click Apply in the Settings window

That's it. You've just opted out from Norton Community Watch. If you're concerned about the information being sent to Symantec, you can access Security History to review submission history.