How to speed up Kaspersky antivirus scan


Is there any way I could make Kaspersky antivirus scan faster? It's very slow and takes too long to scan the whole computer.


Your Kaspersky AntiVirus is getting sluggish? We've got a few tips to help you speeding up Kaspersky AntiVirus scan. Kaspersky scan can be very slow on a reasonably fast machine. Is this the software's fault or there's any way to speed it up?

You can speed up Kaspersky scans that are usually very slow by reducing the amount of files to be checked. With this option enabled, only newly added files to your computer will be checked for viruses.

Older files that had been previously scanned and remained unchanged are excluded from the routine to speed up things a bit.

To exclude the old, previously checked files form the scan routine do the following:

Open the main application window and go to the Settings option located at the window top.

Switch to the File Anti-Virus panel and click Settings for the selected component. Now switch to the Performance tab and check the Scan only new and changed files box.

With this option selected, only new and recently changed files will be added to the scan queue.