How to restore Firefox toolbar


My toolbar in Firefox is gone! It just disappeared and I can't restore it. Please help!


It just happened and out of a sudden you're stuck - Firefox toolbars are gone and you have no clue how to restore them! Luckily, it's really quite easy to restore your Mozilla Firefox toolbars. Just follow a few quick steps from this tutorial to enjoy your toolbars again. If your Firefox toolbar is gone, there is a way to restore it.

If you see no backward / forward / home buttons and the URL-bar is missing, it means that your toolbar is now hidden or switched off. But don't panic, there's an easy way to restore default Firefox toolbar settings.

Restoring Firefox toolbar is easy

There's a couple of ways you can restore Firefox toolbar:

  1. Sometimes you just accidentally switch a Toolbar off. To switch it on again, go to the View menu » Toolbars and select the toolbars you want to see.
  2. If your main toolbar is still present, you can quickly restore any of the missing toolbars by selecting the View menu and clicking the ToolbarsCustomize option. Here you can restore / reset the default toolbar set by clicking the Restore Default Set at the window bottom. Click Done when finished. Your default set of toolbars will be restored, make sure to drag-and-drop any of the elements you want to see on the toolbar again if they are gone.
  3. If your Firefox window opens in a frame browser with no menu bar and no buttons at all, the only way to restore Firefox toolbar is to press the Alt key while your window is active. The menu options will appear and first menu option will be automatically highlighted for you.