How to read PDF documents on Sony PSP


I'm desperately trying to get PDF documents being read on Sony PSP. Generic software doesn't allow me to view PDFs, any ideas how to do this?


Sony PSP is a great portable gaming system that also supports Web browsing, image viewing and media playing. Sony PSP can also read text, but it doesn't include support for PDF documents out of the box.

Luckily, we can enable Sony PSP to read PDF documents too. The first way to do this, is to convert your PDF documents to HTML regular files using any available converting software.

You can then upload HTML to the PSP's Memory Stick and browse the HTML structure as if it were a normal Web site. But there are other solutions to view PDF on a PSP directly.

For example, there are free software applications you can use to read PDF on your PSP console:

  1. Bookr - A GNU-licensed document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering. Download, extract the archive and read the README.txt file for installation instructions. This software only supports PSP firmware version 1.5. Other firmware versions will not work.
  2. PSP Ebook Creator - A free program, that converts any .txt file into a formatted ebook that you can read on a PSP. To use this approach, extract your PDF file's contents to a .txt file first, and then convert the .txt file to the PSP-readable ebook.Individual pages are saved as .jpg images, you can set compression level in the program's settings. Before you can build your e-book, you have to set destination folder first, where the output file will be saved.
  3. Converting PDF to .txt and then to .jpg can be tedious. Hence, we recommend using a direct PDF to JPG conversion. There are many free PDF converters available. Check out for some free downloads.
  4. If you're on Linux, converting from PDF to JPG is easy with ImageMagick. Simply type convert example.pdf example.jpg and all pages from the PDF document will be extracted to separate JPG files in the working directory. You can then copy the files to Sony PSP and view them as normal .jpg images.