How to duplicate Save button on top of page in Drupal


I'm editing lots and lots of articles in Drupal with long body field and many other fields which forces me to scroll down many lines in order to find the Save button at the bottom of page.

I'd like to have the Save button replicated at the top of every node editing form in Drupal, so that I don't have to scroll down every time I want to save an article.

How can this be done?


It's very easy to add the Save / Save & Edit buttons at the top of editing form in Drupal.

Although there are many programmatic ways to implement this, we're gonna to go the easiest way and install a module that does the job for us. Go to the Content Type Extras module page. Select your version, download, install and enable the module.

Next, in Drupal 7 go to Content Type default settings at admin/structure/types/defaults and scroll down to the Extra Settings tab:

Next, check the Show form buttons at top of: Node edit form option in the Form buttons section:

Click Save configuration and you're done!