How to configure proxy settings in AVG


I'm accessing the Web via proxy and I'm using AVG Internet Security. Any ideas how to configure AVG proxy settings to allow it to connect to the Internet properly and download updates?


If use a proxy to connect to the Internet, make sure that you have configured your proxy settings in AVG too, so that it can seamlessly download important updates.

Using a proxy server can significantly speed up things, when it comes to Internet downloads, but if you don't specify proxy details in the AVG configuration by hand, the software won't be to recognize your connection settings and in most cases the automatic download of updates will fail.

In order to avoid connectivity problems, make sure you have entered your proxy server details in the AVG's configuration.

Configuring AVG AntiVirus for Proxy Connection:

To configure AVG to use a proxy, go to the Main Menu and click Tools > Advanced settings > branch Update > Proxy.

In some cases, AVG can automatically detect your proxy connection settings, querying your proxy server for connection details or reading your Web browser's configuration files.

Please bear in mind that automatic configuration doesn't always work as expected, so make sure to have all your proxy details to hand, so that you can configure it manually. If you select auto configuration, however, AVG will attempt to read your proxy settings from your default browser's configuration, from a script you select or it will attempt automatic configuration.

All of these options are available in the proxy configuration window. Just select the one you'd like to go for to finish configuration.