How to configure Network Proxy settings in Norton 360


I'm accessing the Internet via proxy on my local connection. I'm using Norton 360 and I wish to configure it to use the network proxy. Any ideas how to do it?


A proxy server regulates access to the Internet, and prevents external computers from accessing your network. If you are on a network that uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you can provide proxy server details to Norton 360. You can use the Network Proxy Settings window to specify the proxy settings and the authentication details.

Norton 360 uses the proxy settings and authentication details to connect to the Internet automatically, whenever required. LiveUpdate uses the specified proxy server settings to retrieve updates.

When you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you have to provide the proxy server information. You can specify the IP Address and port details of a proxy server for HTTP connections. You can also provide server authentication details.

To configure Proxy Settings follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Norton 360 main window, click Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Administrative Settings.
  3. In the Network Proxy Settings row, click Configure.
  4. In the Network Proxy Settings dialog box, under Proxy Settings, click Use a proxy server for HTTP connections.
  5. Type the HTTP address or the path of the proxy server.
  6. Type the port number.
  7. If your proxy server requires a logon user name and password, click I need authorization to connect through my firewall or proxy server, and then type the user name and password.
  8. Click OK.