How to check how my website is rendered in older browsers (IE9, IE8, IE7, etc?)


I can install only one version of IE at the same time but for the development purposes I'd like to see how the page is rendered in older browsers too. How can I check my website in older versions of IE?


You have several options here:

  • You can quickly check how your website is rendered in various browsers using an online tool that won't require you to install any software on your computer. Simply head over to which is an online renderer for websites. You can select any browser to be used as a renderer including Internet Explorer 9, IE8, IE7, IE6, IE5.5 and various Firefox versions. The service will download contents of the URL you've given and display the results to you.
  • You can install multiple instances (versions) of the same browser by virtualizing your system. Install VirtualBox which is free, then install your system within it and a given browser version. You can run multiple virtual systems concurrently, depending on your system memory, to see how pages are rendered in various browsers at the same time.
  • On Windows you can use HyperV virtualisation software to install any operating system you want. Inside the virtual machine you can install any type of browser of any version.