How to check for broken links in nodes in Drupal


I run a site with lots and lots of pages using Drupal 7 and I assume some of the pages can contain broken links, but checking them manually would be a chore. Is there a Drupal module that will scan for broken links periodically on an automated basis for me?


Probably the best module for Drupal at the moment to automatically check for broken links in nodes' content is Link Checker.

Link Checker periodically searches for links in your content and tries to contact the hosts your links are pointing to. Based on the response code received from server a link is being marked working or broken.

In Link Checker you can select specific node types and/or comments to be checked for broken links.

New version of Link Checker can also automatically update the moved permanently or moved temporarlily links for you if you decide to do so. Simply go to the configuration page of Link Checker at:


and adjust the settings according to your preference.