How to apply video stabilization effect in Sony Vegas Movie Studio


My cam doesn't have the video stabilization feature. How can I apply the stabilization effect in Sony Vegas Movie Studio?


As of version 10, Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum allows you to easily use the stabilization effect to enhance the smoothness of your handheld camera video clips.

The video stabilization feature appeared in version 10 of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. This very powerful effect wasn't available to home users before and could only be found in expensive video editing software.

Thanks to Sony, now we have it in the budget edition of Sony Vegas, and it works pretty good!

To add the stabilization to your clip, simply right click it, select the option Stabilize Media and in the next steps decide whether you want to have the effect applied to the whole media clip or only the event area that appears in your timeline.

Next step is the selection of stabilization method. You can choose between handheld camera or general footage selecting the intensity of video analysis. The more intense the analysis, the longer the process will take and the more CPU resources it will consume.